Audiophile Atmos—Dominique Fils-Aimé Surrounds with "Our Roots Run Deep"

Making Dominique Fils-Aimé's Trilogy—Blues, Jazz, and Soul Fused

PMC's Dolby Atmos Immersion—"An Exciting New Way . . . to Hear and Experience Music" (Nov. 2022)

Meitner Audio: Expanding High-End Hi-Fi's Reach (Into Techno) - SoundStage! Encore (September 2022)

Recorded to R-DAT? The Truth About "The Trinity Session" - SoundStage! Encore (March 2021)

High-Res Recording for Musical Authenticity - SoundStage! Encore (December 2020)

Buying Active, Powered, or Passive Speakers for the Studio - SoundStage! Encore (June 2020)

High-Res and Multichannel for Music Playback - SoundStage! Encore (May 2020)

SoundStage! Encore: Combating Crosstalk, with David Chesky (February 2020)

Listening with Your Eyes, with David Chesky - SoundStage! Encore (December 2019)

Recording Drums, Part 1 - Philosophy. SoundStage! Encore

Recording Drums, Part 2 - Loel Campbell on Setting Up Drums. SoundStage! Encore

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